Shield Magic

A story illustration for my JRPG project! :D
Theodore is protecting a wounded Nadia with his shield magic. Nadia is a mender, so by buying her some time to heal herself, she'll be fine :) I wanted to show what these two's dynamic would be in battle! And I also realized both of them are basically "support classes" XD but thankfully the rest of the party are all great damage dealers hehe. But also Theo's shield magic can hit 'em pretty hard if they get close, as you can see on the flying fiend over there.

I also wanted to explore a bit more what the "mana fiends" (I haven't properly named them yet) would look like, since they will be the most common enemies in the story. They will be all over those anicent ruins and tomb our party will have to explore.
As for what they are and where they come from... That's a story for another painting ;)